Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Nomination Requirements

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Nominations are encouraged from all schools and colleges engaged in health-related education.

Summary of nomination requirements

Nominees will be evaluated based on their direct and/or indirect contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning, as documented in such areas as student learning outcomes; peer-reviewed activities, such as funded research, publications, education journal reviews; involvement in national workshops; invited lectureships; and presentations at scholarly meetings. Nominees should document contributions to one or more of the following areas:

  • Direct student instruction: Educational activities documented through applied research activities including, but not limited to, classroom teaching, clinical teaching, community-based education, advisement, mentoring, curriculum and program development, special student projects, and/or service learning.
  • Public service and outreach: Teaching and presentations in continuing education; public service and outreach to practitioners, faculty, and the public; and/or development of programs connecting the University to communities throughout Minnesota; and/or strategies to enhance access to health professions education throughout Minnesota.
  • Academic leadership: Service on committees and/or holding positions that provide guidance and direction to education in health-related programs; leadership in evidence-based curriculum innovation, and/or collaboration on the development of interprofessional education across health science programs.

Requirements for nomination

  1. Nominee: Any full time University faculty member engaged in health-related education is eligible to be nominated.
  2. Nominator: The nominator must be a current University faculty member or faculty emeritus. Self-nominations are not permitted. Nominators must submit the completed nomination packet that includes the letter of nomination, the nominee's CV and educator portfolio (described below), and external and internal letters of support.
  3. Nomination letter: The nominator’s letter should summarize the nominee’s contributions and accomplishments in the relevant areas of instruction, scholarship, outreach, and/or academic leadership, as well as describe the impact of these efforts on health related learners and educational programs. This letter should not exceed three pages.
  4. Curriculum vita: Complete curriculum vita.
  5. Educator’s portfolio: The nominator should assist the nominee in the preparation of an educator’s portfolio to document contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning. Once completed, the portfolio should be sent to external and internal peers along with the request for letters of support (described below). Components of the educator’s portfolio should include:
    1. Personal philosophy of teaching/education: Reflective statement as an educator of 1-2 pages that includes such elements as: career overview as educator; goals for self as an educator; contributions to education of future professionals; innovations in program(s), course(s), class assignments or clinical/experiential teaching; scholarly approach to teaching and learning.
    2. List of awards and honors received related to teaching and/or advising, including training grants, and committee chairs/memberships.
    3. List of courses, workshops, and other educational activities taught with an example of at least one syllabus (if nominee is involved in direct instruction) and a summary of outcomes such as course evaluation. Evaluation data must be summarized. Do not include raw data from CoursEval or other evaluation systems.
    4. Descriptive and evaluative materials for innovative project(s).
    5. Scholarship and research: If published in the area of the scholarship of teaching and learning, up to five papers published by the nominee(s) related to the scholarship of teaching and learning should be included in the nomination materials. For ease in review, please create a separate PDF document of the publications and include with dossier.
  6. Letters of support:
    1. External: The nominator will secure a maximum of two supporting letters from peers or experts in teaching/learning external to the University of Minnesota. Based upon the review of the educator’s portfolio, the letters should include a statement about the impact that the nominee's work has had on students, peers, higher education generally and/or on their discipline.
    2. Internal: The nominator will secure one supporting letters from University of Minnesota faculty who have observed teaching, participated in teaching/learning activities, and/or reviewed products developed by the nominee. The nominator will ask the letter writers to focus on the importance of the nominee's contributions to their academic programs and/or the field of teaching/learning in their field, based on review of the educator’s portfolio. The letters should include a statement about the impact that the nominee's work has had on the University of Minnesota and, if appropriate, higher education and/or on their discipline.
    3. Student/learner: The nominator will secure a maximum of one supporting letters from current or former students whom the nominee has taught and/or advised. Student letters should focus on the quality and effectiveness of teaching and mentoring, the impact on student learning, and contributions to his/her careers.

Additional material

  1. Photo of Nominee:  Include a photo of the nominee at time of submission (JPEG format).  (If nominee is selected for the award, this photo will be used for the wall plaque etching.)

Submission process

  1. Combine the described materials into a single PDF in the following order:
    • Nominator’s letter
    • Nominee’s CV
    • Educator’s portfolio
    • Two external supporting letters
    • One internal supporting letter
    • Up to one student/learner letter
  2. Please create a separate PDF file with publications.
  3. Nominator should submit the nomination materials in PDF format along with the nominee’s JPEG photo to [email protected] by Friday, November 13, 2020 at 4:00 pm. 

Review and Selection 

The current members of the Academy for Excellence in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, members of the Health Science Associate Deans of Education and Allied Health Program Directors, or external reviewers recommended by the  Associate Deans and Program Directors will serve as the review committee and will review and evaluate materials for each nominee. Based upon this review, the Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences will forward the recommendations to the Provost, who will have final authority on election of new members.

It is our hope that an in person ceremony can be held early next year once the Sunrise Plan has been fully implemented and the University of Minnesota leadership has approved a venue that will allow us to follow any recommended safety guidelines. Final details regarding the awards ceremony will be announced as soon as they are available. 

For general questions, contact Trevor Ames, Associate Vice President for Academic Health Sciences ([email protected]).